This is how the Forum works.

There is a FAQ for each type of problem. Please read the one appropriate to your problem first and follow the directions listed.

IF the directions do not work, or you have questions, open up a new thread. The title of the thread should contain a short description of your problem. It also should specify whether you use DVD or UC and your Operating system.

For example:
Problem UC Win10 Crashing with DirectX message

In the thread you need to include your -config-log.txt from your logs folder and a brief description of what is happening.

IF you don't have a -config-log.txt - then open up a thread with the words no config log in it. So I know that you haven't forgotten it, it's not there.

Any opened threads that do not include these things will not be looked at and will be tagged as INCOMPLETE.

I (celebkiriedhel but you can call me Kiri) am the only one working on these fixes, and live in Australia. So don't expect immediate answers - I will do my best to get back to you within 1-2 working days.
I will also put up a PSA if I'm ill and not able to work on them for a while. During those times, other kind folks may try to help out. Be respectful, and understand that they are helping as best they can.

Sorry, that is a members only option