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I started as a recolourer at Ribot Labs Incorporated, then, thanks to the help of its administrator, Ribot1980, I started to remesh cars in order to turn them into vintage simlish cars based on my own sketches. And thanks to that, I've improved my skills constantly and after Ribot's retirement and the closure of Ribot Labs, I created VPN's Garage, that's currently the first stop for everyone who wants to find real and true vintage cars made by sims with simlish brands. Currently I'm a remesher and 3d modeller, and I work constantly on The Garage in order to make it a better place everyday of my simming life, and making other people happy thanks to the offering of a very wide knowledge of the simlish world, and letting people know things that nobody knew before about our beloved Alterra, the planet where sims live, of course, with their simlish cars.

Because real cars are boring, huh! Simlish cars are made with fantasy, creativity and imagination, and vintage simlish cars shows the fine work of the simlish way of making cars.

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