Alerts System uses the MyAlerts system to notify you of site activity relevant to you.

How to see the alerts

There is a count of your outstanding unread alerts in the site header next to a star.
Click on the star and a dropdown list of your last four unread alerts will open. From there you can click on the links inside the alert to see the relevant post/activity. Alternatively you can click on "View Alerts" and that will take you to your alerts listing page.

How to delete alerts

The alerts listing page can be found here and contains a list of all the alerts you've received, both unread and read. You can also delete old alerts that you don't wish to retain from this page.

Opting out

If you don't want to receive alerts you can go to your Alerts settings page and choose not to receive alerts.

Currently available alerts

There are many types of alerts that you can receive based on different actions performed around this site.
These are the current different actions that cause an alert to be received

  • Liked - when somebody likes your post.
  • Stalked - when somebody decides to follow your activity on site
  • Quoted - when somebody quotes you within a post.
  • Replied - when somebody replies to one of your threads.
    This alert is only received for the first new post to the thread rather than being duplicated for each reply.
  • Mentioned - when somebody mentions you within a post using MentionMe Twitter-style mention tags
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