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Glad that I manage to find this MyBB support forum run by MyBB staff, LeeFish.

My name is inTech and I am having trouble logging into MyBB official forums - I would like to stress, "official" forums. I have two old accounts at MyBB official forums, jacktheking and inTech. I forgot both the passwords and used the reset password feature. It state that the emails were sent but I did not receive any despite waiting for more than six hours and checking my spam folder on both email accounts.

(You can skip to tldr at the last paragraph.)

I do not want to create another account at MyBB official forums again because I do not want to be marked as someone with multiple accounts. Then, I am very amused by the support I found at official MyBB site - yeah I keep stressing "official". & contain no email link or whatsoever way to contact MyBB team without using the forums - and my problem is that I cannot log into the forums. I continue to search for ways to contact the MyBB team. Oh great, there is email button on this page, Clicked on one of the button and it prompted me to log into the official forums, whereas my problem is I cannot log into the official forums.

Continue to search for ways to contact MyBB team ... Oh! Great! MyBB have official Twitter account and Facebook page! Wanted to use my social media account to contact MyBB but decided not after seeing that MyBB is not active on the two social platforms. Not giving up, checked the Github page hoping to find email addresses that I could use to contact official MyBB ... but there is none.

LinkedIn! Yeah! The professional way to contact someone! Searched for "Chris Boulton" and there is a lot of results. Spent sometime looking through the list and finally found one working at BigCommerce (I got it this information from his Github page). So I quickly registered an account at LinkedIn just to contact him but ... InMail need subscription fees. Sad

I then registered at the official MyBB forums. Only to found out that in order to post a thread or email or PM someone, I will need to activate my account. Checked my email and the same problem occur - no email received after six hours, checked spam folder.

Finally when I checked the forum team page again, I recalled that Leefish have a forum. Then I registered on this forums.

(Same thing occured to me a few years ago when I register my first account, "jacktheking". Did not receive my activation email and I have to register at a moderator forums to request for activation. It could be that my IP address is in StopForumsSpam database - I am not a spammer, I am just using dynamic IP address.)

(I think that MyBB need to strengthen their support group, there should be at least an email address at so that those with problem at official MyBB forums can use it to contact.)

tldr; forgot password, no email received from the official MyBB forums - let me stress 'official' here.

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Thank you, but I am not sure what you expect of me here?

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(19-04-2016 05:43 AM)leefish Wrote:  Thank you, but I am not sure what you expect of me here?

Umm ... Would it be possible for you, as a staff at MyBB forums, to convey my message and problem to someone who can fix my issue? I'd really like to log into my accounts and update my plugin in the directory. I could not find any other way to contact MyBB staff member other than from this forums. It would be great if you could help me.

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It would be better if you contacted MyBB via facebook, ( or via the IRC channel .

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(19-04-2016 02:41 PM)leefish Wrote:  It would be better if you contacted MyBB via facebook, ( or via the IRC channel .

Okay. Thank you for trying to help. Already contacted MyBB at IRC (no reply) and Twitter (since I do not have a usable Facebook account, yet). I will try to check the IRC again from time to time.

Edited: Thank you. My password for the two accounts was reset.
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