Hi from DC Simmer, with some tips
#1 30-05-2016 
Hi. I joined a few days ago, and since I've left a few posts, I may as well introduce myself. I've played TS2 off and on for ten years now, especially when times are slow. I tried TS3 and TS4, but never took to those. In game play, I spend half my time building, which I find really relaxing, and the other half playing sims. I especially like having a sim create and build an business. I find that selling cars is by far the most profitable, followed by robot shops that sell servos, followed by carryouts of home made foods using fresh garden foods and selling crates of fruit and veggies. Restaurants only turn a small profit but I love playing them anyway, but only when I use Simological's Auto Restocking Sign which works for my game, even though I have all of them and the EPs through M&G.

I use a lot of hacks and mods in the game, around 130, and without these, I'd have lost interest in simming within weeks. I have a lot of custom content as most of do, which I keep very, very organized in subfolders.

I'm pretty good using SimPE, but lack the computer programming skills to make my own mods. When I first make a sim but before I play it, I find it extremely useful in tweaking the personalities, adding a third turn on and a few basic skill points in cooking and cleaning, and selecting the hobby preference since that's always random. Sometimes I'll add a badge or two if I want to jump start what the sim knows.

Another thing I do sometimes, when making a new neighborhood is make clones for the townies and exiting playables, eight at a time. I use SimPE to replace them, then delete these clones in the neighborhood character folder, go back into SimPE to those clones family folders and delete them from there, save, delete that family folder, then go back to Sim Description and delete the 'unknowns'. I then run Hack Conflict Detection Utility from Sim Wardrobe (this site is currently expired). That cleans up the game and avoids corruption.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't try it, or at least make a back up of your Nxxx neighborhood folder.

All this is time consuming, but I'll play a neighborhood on average 2 to 6 months, so it works out, and the pre-made playable sims and selected townies look good, are dressed well, and have custom hairstyles, eyes and skins.

I also use Mootilda's Hood Replacer, so if I want, my Strangetown can look like Belladonna Cove. This can be a little tricky with the houses and community lots because a house might end up in the ocean. You just have to move them to where you think they won't be in the middle of a road or in the water before you replace the houses. As for replacing the downtown, I like the haunted mansion house, so rather than make a custom downtown, I'll make the regular one and keep it - and the cemeteries/ graveyards since the relatives are buried there. All other community lots are bulldozed, b/c I prefer making my own.

So, that's a few things about how I play and a few things I know how to do. Thank you for all the things you do!
dcsimmer, proud to be a member of LeeFish since May 2016.

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Hi dcsimmer, welcome to Leefish.

Simwardrobe is not expired. Only that address is. But if you google for Paladin's Place, you'll get the new address. Smile
ETA: Apparently not... now that seems to no longer exist, either...

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Yeah, I hope he renews it.

#4 31-05-2016 
So do I, cuz James has some good stuff out there.

#5 01-06-2016 

That is still available (clicked on it just now). Paladins-place.org should remain available forever.

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Welcome to leefish dcsimmer Smile

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(01-06-2016 04:27 AM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  http://www.paladins-place.org/main.htm

That is still available (clicked on it just now). Paladins-place.org should remain available forever.

I have exactly that link in my list. And when I googled it yesterday, that was also the link I got. But although it works today, yesterday it sent me to a page saying that this site was not there, and if I owned it, I needed to contact some host or other... And I tried multiple times! THAT is why I ETA-ed my post to correct myself, saying that I was wrong, and that it was really gone.

So maybe James addressed the issue in the meantime. The fact that it's fixed within a day, would mean that he obviously still checks in rather frequently, or that he has set up some system to warn him when things go wrong.

#8 01-06-2016 

The last I heard from him BO, is that the PP one is his personal one, so if it disappears it's only going to be a short amount of time, and it's worth waiting around a couple of days before panicking. He should say something like that on his site. But... it's left up to us to realise that.

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Yeah, I wasn't panicking just yet. But you're right, he should say something to that effect on the page. Smile

I only noticed that it was gone, because after saying that google would give the correct link, I wanted to verify that the link google gave, still worked. And then it didn't... The page had disappeared before, after all. And it always comes back. Smile


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