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Hallo Kiri, I miss the good old days as well. But I think 2019 has been a really crappy year for a lot of us leefishers and maybe it is time to turn the corner. We can do it. Menopause Sad I was very ill in 2018 and the treatment triggered an early menopause for me, so I sympathize with you on that. It does get better though.

That crochet looks amazing. I did try to take up crochet again but I struggle with handpain (hello arthritis, are you my new friend for life???). Not giving up on that either though.

Never feel guilty about not helping. Sims is to have fun with, you have no "duty" to help with anything. I would hate it if you never came to visit because you felt guilty. We love YOU, not the help you give us. All you have to do is be.

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They haven't managed to unravel them - however I only use them with supervised play so I suspect that will never occur. Most of their other favourite toys are things like my knitting needles and crochet hooks, boxes, ping pong balls, and whatever I leave out on my desk overnight. I do have other toys that they use but they much prefer the things that mama uses.

At the Cat Lovers stall, they had catnip kickers where they are basically a tube of fabric with stuffing and catnip, that the cats can bunny kick. They're a bit more robust for the sort of play you're talking about.


Oh Lee. That sucks so bad. I'm sorry that you're going through this too. I've been researching arthritis techniques for crochet too - there's some beaut crochet hooks that make it easier to crochet with arthritis that I'm saving up for. Mostly I just do it small bursts - 20-30 minutes at a time. Arthritis sucks, but I don't want to stop - it's my calming activity and with that and the cats and everything else, and not working my stress levels have returned to normal after 50 odd years. I still have too many works in progress - just like the Sims!

I know I don't have a duty to help - its a me thing, rather than the forum thing. I still struggle with making everything a duty - but that's what therapy is for, eh? Smile

I'll be so fluffing grateful when 2020 is here, and we can start with a new slate again. Smile Here's hoping that 2020 is the best year ever.

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(01-12-2019 03:13 AM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  @CatherineTCJD

Mine have been quality testing them, whether I liked it or not. The great thing about the catnip mice is that they're all made in one piece so they can unravel the mouse but not pull things off. Which works for me.
But yeah - my kitties are the same. Good thing we love them, huh? Big Grin

@Karen Lorraine
I have missed you so much Karen!! many hugs for you with everything you've been doing this year. Since my Danish friend died over a year ago, I haven't been on Skype - but I think we should make a date to talk!

So glad to hear that - how long did it take to get to the other side? I'm starting to get quite tired of mine. Smile
I took a few years. About 5 altogether however it was only really bad for about two.

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(01-12-2019 03:59 AM)CatherineTCJD Wrote:  Mine hasn't started yet - I'm 53.5 - but with PCOS (which tends to delay things a bit.) I am so ready to get that party started. The sooner it starts the sooner it ends. Nothing in that system ever worked right anyway... I wish they'd just rip the whole thing out! But, nobody else agrees with me on that. *sigh*

I'd be worried that my kitties would choke on the string? We can't use Easter 'grass' or put tinsel on the tree - 'cause they'll chew on it and choke. I'm sure yours are having fun testing though Angel
I'm 37 and I had that thought and wish of just ripping it all out for at least 10 years already *lol* so you got at least one person agreeing with you here Big Grin

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Big hugs, Kiri! Sorry you have been having such a rough go of thing Sad Your little kitty toys are adorable, our young cat would eat them I'm sure. I've never crocheted much, I'm not very good at it.
Haven't started many paws yet either, but I'm both ready to just be done with it and not at the same time. I don't have arthritis (yet) either, but I do have carpel tunnel which sometimes interferes with things. No where near as bad as arthritis, I'm sure though.

I hope everyone's 2020 is a great one! Better than this year, even if you had a good year, always hope for better Smile Mine definitely had it's ups and downs but it brought another crazy little bundle of love which is (mostly) a big up so... She helps relieve and adds to my anxiety at the same time, but I can't imagine not having her, lol.

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Hugs Jones! I've been following your newest entry to the world on FB and she is delightful!

I went to my doctor when I was 17 asking to have it ripped out, so I think that you are in good company here. Smile

I hope that will be true for me as well. I've had it for a couple of years so far - and while I am intensely glad that I no longer have menses and all the attendant garbage that went with that, many paws is wearing me down and I could do for it to end within 5 years.

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I don't have skype any more, it went when it changed hands! I can't remember what my skype name was either! Let's make a Leefish chat date here Smile

I think I have managed to avoid most of the meno problems because all I get is dryness and the odd warm feeling and I haven't had a visit for over 3 years!

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(01-12-2019 10:12 PM)Karen Lorraine Wrote:  @celebkiriedhel
I don't have skype any more, it went when it changed hands! I can't remember what my skype name was either! Let's make a Leefish chat date here Smile
Is there a place on leefish to chat (live)? I've been looking for that!

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Quote:Is there a place on leefish to chat (live)? I've been looking for that!

@Lucydique Yes, if you have enough posts, there should be a chat symbol to the right of your name at the top of the screen
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We should make a chat date for us all. I miss all of you.


Sorry, that is a members only option