#1 16-10-2010 
Good grief - why do I always find these things so late???

JavaScript - the site navigation totally depends on it...GULP. Um yea, well, I'm not gonna rewrite the whole site to need no javascript - instead, I have a nifty little message that shows up under the header (which is where the menu is) saying please turn on the javascript.

I'm proud - thats now two user activity specific thingies that show up on the site Smile

1) If you use IE6 then you get a nice popup suggesting another browser....
2) If you have javascript disabled then you get another little message telling you to turn it on.....
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#2 18-06-2012 
heh. Gosh what a noob I was. CSS menu is much nicer.

and - popup scripts? Arg - how awful. Progessive enhancement FTW
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#3 18-06-2012 
That explains why I never noticed it.


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