Secret Society Lot Loading in Buy Mode
#1 25-06-2023 
Seeing as this is being a problem, I thought I'd post this in the off chance that someone else here knows what's up. (I'll elect to avoid the nest of vipers that forms the community for The Big Site, though.)

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-01-35%20PM-603.png]
Okay, so I go through the usual routine: My University Sim befriends three Secret Society members and the big, black limousine shows up at their dorm or campus house at 11:00 PM/2300 Hours the next evening.

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-01-51%20PM-792.png]
Then one of the local cops steps out and comes for my Sim to be initiated.

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-02-31%20PM-520.png]
A sham of an arrest is made.

(Yes, he pulled her out of bed and her Underwear outfit is quite zesty. Don't judge. Tongue )

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-03-03%20PM-816.png]
Into the limo they go...

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-03-43%20PM-778.png]
...and off to the Secret Society they go!

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-03-56%20PM-690.png]
And then the Secret Society lot loads in Buy Mode, without any active Sims.

With nothing else to do, I exit the lot, return to the University hood and return to my Sim and her dorm.

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-05-31%20PM-255.png]
The dorm loads and the limousine returns and drops my Sim off, with full Needs gauges but still without a new Secret Society membership.

[Image: Sims2EP9%206-18-2023%201-06-10%20PM-550.png]
So unless she somehow loses one of her three Secret Society friends in the next 24 hours, the limo and the cop will be back for her, carrying her off to Buy Mode and denying her initiation into the Secret Society every night until she graduates.

An interesting detail here is that any unfinished Assignments that my Sim was working on will disappear after she gets abducted, and any unfinished paintings on easels that she was painting will lose their 'Continue Painting' option. Maybe those are clues to what's going on.

I've tried this with two other Sims in two other dorms: a Popularity Sim and a Romance Sim, since those sorts excel at making new friends (more so if I pump their Charisma up first). The same thing happens, so it's not just a problem with Luscious there.

All that I can think of is that one of my previously graduating Sims took a Secret Society member off-campus to move in with her at her new home. But the game should be automatically generating new Sims to replace the University Sims who leave campus. So what could be the root of the problem here, and is there a way to fix it? Undecided
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#2 26-06-2023 
I have never heard/seen that problem before. I got no clue - sorry!

#3 27-06-2023 
No worries. I can always add another University hood to my neighborhood and send my Sims to that university instead. Or I can simply avoid befriending anyone in a Secret Society blazer, even if it means missing out on the benefits like using their Career Rewards or hacking grades.

I already tried using the Townie Brick, but it doesn't have an option to make Dormies who are Secret Society members. So replenishing the non-playable membership is a no-go.

It is a toughie of a problem, isn't it? Confused


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