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#21 11-08-2023 
I think that's why so many Simmers over there finally gave up on the queue and started creating their own Simblrs, then linking their Tumblr pages in their MTS signatures and profiles. You may not get as much exposure that way, but you do get to upload whatever you want, skip the queue and generally be your own boss. Cool

I was considering Tumblr back when I was active on that site (and putting up with The Clique's rubbish); back then, I was also chewing over several ideas and To Do projects, including me creating a new Vacation Hood that addressed two of my persistent Simmy concerns:

1) Being large enough to placate those pesky Fortune Sims and their fifty-billion Wants to buy vacation homes.
2) Being supernatural-themed and supernatural-friendly, because let's face it: if you send a vampire on vacation to any of the three Maxis Bon Voyage hoods, they'll either come back horribly miserable or they won't come back at all.

So after all these years, with the impetus of providing equal Bon Voyage privileges for my current batch of supernatural Simmy University students (and other Simmy supernaturals yet to come), I've finally begun work on that vacation hood. Big Grin

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-616.png]
Yes, I passed on the painfully obvious name "Simsylvania" and built off of "strigoi", one of the Romanian words for "vampire". Yes, the Romanian language apparently has several words for "vampire". That just goes to show how absolutely 'Death Metal' Romania is when it comes to vampires; they're the ones who gave the world Dracula, after all! Tongue

And yes, I had to add all those fifty-billion little trees because I'm totally going for that "Carpathian Forest" vibe. Cool

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-408.png]
True to the mission, I've started building Community lots and lots for vacation homes which can be purchased and built on.

...many, many vacation home lots.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-514.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-429.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-266.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-973.png]
Karen would have rejected this neighborhood because "Your lots aren't perfectly flat and level."

Nuts to Karen and her unreasonable, high-falutin' standards! Tongue

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-163.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-298.png]
I also put my nose to the proverbial grindstone and finished a Campground.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-549.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-841.png]
It's a bit fancy, I admit.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-806.png]
Why, oh why can't we have wolves and stray animals in Vacation Hoods? They're well-suited for vampires and werewolves alike!

And why, oh why can't the Townie Brick assign Locals to specific Vacation Hoods instead of to All Mountain Hoods, All Tropical Hoods and All Far Eastern Hoods? Maybe I want Local werewolves and witches in Strigoivia but not in Three Lakes, you know? Undecided

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-633.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-517.png]
Vampires are welcome in the Von Splinus Crypt, and abundantly so. Please respect the Quiet Hours from Dawn to Dusk.

Werewolves and zombies, please refrain from ravaging and befouling your surroundings. Thank you.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-157.png]
Also included: CC.

This Residential lot should probably be closer to the mountains, shouldn't it?

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-643.png]
I'm also building a rather large Hotel.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-660.png]
The hotel's prices and room sizes should range considerably, from large suites in the towers, to modestly sized rooms in the barbican, to tiny dungeon cells and oubliettes buried under the castle.

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...0PM-15.png]
I also really need to dig out and reinstall the "Castle Bits" downloads from my last installation, because those bits included arrow slits and murder holes among the Windows choices. And what old, medieval castle shouldn't have those to help keep the Turks and other unruly guests outside? Tongue

The castle bits also included merlons and crenellations among the Fence/Balustrade options, and those would be very fitting wall toppers, wouldn't they?

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...0PM-19.png]

[Image: The%20Sims%E2%84%A2%202%20Mansion%20and%...PM-845.png]
Perhaps I should consider a more European-sounding name, like Castel Von Splinus, Schloss Von Splinus or Kastély Von Splinus.

I'll sleep on it.

Anyway, that's my current project. And Simmy projects are fun, aren't they? Big Grin
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#22 12-08-2023 
WOW! You are going full-steam ahead on this! It looks great!

My 2nd SC4 terrain got CR'd... apparently the game-required small PNGs are too small for MTS standards. So, not only do I have to have the small ones - for uploaders to use in their games, but I have to provide regulation re-sized ones too. Who knew? The guidelines really are NOT clear on this.

Anyway... my pictures are compliant now. Hopefully the upload will be released soon. *sigh* Undecided


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