Hey! :) New PC, but Sims 2 crashes...
#21 18-09-2023 
@BoilingOil , @CatherineTCJD , I forgot to say that (maybe it does have an importance? dunno) I have two hard drives on this PC: a main one (a 1-To SSD, CSmile and a second one (a 1-To HDD, DSmile...

I didn't install Windows 11 myself actually (I had chosen myself the elements of my PC on a catalog, and I made it be built, assembled, tested, etc. by a professional. As a consequence, I noticed that, unlike on my previous PC, "things" seem to be kind of "mixed" between the two drives!

So, I did some random try, to install the game on the D: ... It doesn't work either, but I noticed something different! The *game* screen wasn't on 1920x1080, but on a lower resolution! But it only works until the access to a neighborhood...

We're close maybe? I think we may find something at one moment! Hopefully!

Worth noting that I did do with the GRM, etc., all same things, etc. with also the public stuff read-only, hidden, etc.
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#22 19-09-2023 
@poisson, it's good that you keep searching for causes and solutions for this problem, but what kind of drives you have, should not affect the way the game works. My system originally contained two HDD drives, then I replaced one with an SSD, and later the other one as well. The game kept working perfectly all the time.

#23 19-09-2023 
Hey @BoilingOil ! I found out! \o/ Actually, there was a mess up in folders within folders. OMG! It was as simple as that and I didn't notice it! The EA Games folder was too deep in another folder. It was a real mess up at first!

My Sims 2 game now works à merveille!

Thank you! And thank you @CatherineTCJD! Let's have a coffee on a café terrace! Smile <3

#24 19-09-2023 
Hey @poisson, merveilleux! Well done figuring that one out!
Just out of curiosity: Is my hidden/read-only trick still in place, or did you undo that?

#25 19-09-2023 
Oh! I am soooo glad you got it sorted! YAY! Celebrate

#26 20-09-2023 
BO, still in place! And that's thanks to you that I had this idea, and figured out the "folders within folders" sort of error!

CTCJD, thanks Smile


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