Sims 2 not starting up
#1 17-11-2023 
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Hi Im not really sure if this is the place for my issue but I will just post it anyway and hope for the best.

So I have had my sims 2 ultimate collection game for quite a while now but around a year ago when the new EA app was launched and replaced origin it just stopped working completely. It just would not start up again at all. I have tried reinstalling the game, fixing the game through the EA app, reinstalling the graphics rules maker but nothing seems to work at all.

I quite literally just click the game in my library to launch and it looks like its about to launch, the EA app disappears, and then immediately I can tell nothing actually happens and that's it.

I am really puzzled and have no idea where to even begin.

#2 19-11-2023 
Have you tried clearing (deleting) the caches?


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