What do you want from a forum?
#1 22-10-2010 
Well, Leefish has been up and running for a while - we have a lot of downloads (and pretty good ones I think) and we get a lot of visitors.

But we don't really have much of a community going on here. I would like some ideas and suggestions on what I can do to make the place a bit more friendly and open to users as I have no idea. Post replies in this thread if you have some ideas....

I would like us to be like the sims site equivalent of a little tea shop where you can pop in and you know all the regulars there.....

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#2 16-11-2010 
oooh oooh ooooh
uh ... add more smilies ... maybe tea related ... mmmmmm Tea
uh maybe host small site contests
Holiday theme ... like thanksgiving is right around the corner ... *looks around corner and yells "HI THERE" to it* not the corny style like overly traditional but something with leaves falling and a cute little turkey-fish ...
(just a joke) what about mustaches ? we could wear them and sing Jazz
thats my suggestions

#3 16-11-2010 
Hallo Lev.....

Um. Smilies - well, I am not really a smilies fan, but I guess I can take a look around..... Smile

Site Contests - well I would, but there has to be like entrants - its sad to host a contest that nobody enters. Assuming that we could get some entrants what ideas do you have for a contest? Idea

Arrggghhh - themes with a holiday spirit. Sad
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#4 16-11-2010 
Well no holiday spirit is kinda ok ... as long as we serve turkey-fish with tea
Contest.... let me think ... none .... im idealess without my energy drink and

#5 16-11-2010 
hmmm, thanks for that Lev. I think you had better check that the tea leaves you are using are in fact TEA.....

(Lee sniffs the 'tea' and sees little pink fish float by)
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#6 16-11-2010 
I'm thinking we need more people to *know* about Leefish.nl.

Not a lot of people are running into *me*, since - except for Simbology - I'm not well-known. And the few that *do* know me, already have their community over there.
We need this place advertised somewhere like at MTS, I'd say.

#7 16-11-2010 
Advertised? Like in the free sites forum? Not many people really go there. Not on my profile.

Really, the best way to get the site going is to do stuff with the very small community we have already got. I was thinking of a Christmas gift set to members.

Though - I have to say - its a matter of posting and using the forum. We all use the shoutbox, and its fairly ok, but to the casual visitor the place looks like a ghost town as nobody really posts on the forum. Yet - we have finds area to post in, we have the uploads area for creators, resources section for posting tutorials - I can probably get some contests going, but that means we need entrants.

New content always helps too.....we can't just upload something and then nothing for ages and look all surprised that we don't have visitors. On the other hand, I do want nice stuff.... i.e. am not willing to take any old rubbish that is uploaded. Rather make it all myself than that. I am ready and willing to help people with any creating questions they may have for Sims, but I don't see where I can offer a better service than BPS or MTS.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#8 16-11-2010 
... You can ... offer better service ... look at MTS ... It is big ... Leefish is small the thing you have is the smallness which means friendliness ... i am ripping maxis items into bits for my apocalypse project ... I could upload some here if you want ... I just have to figure out how to make the new items pull texture from its original maxis item (I know Aikea did some but not enough IMO I need moar )

#9 17-11-2010 
I agree we need content, Lee. The problem just is that good content doesn't effortlessly come into existence all by itself. As a creator, you must know how much effort it takes to create something good. And with code, such as my mods, it's no different.

Also, as time passes, many things have already been done and uploaded elsewhere, making it harder to come up with new, original, exciting ideas.

So I'd say: to get more new content, we need more creators/modders in here to post their materials. And I'm aware that that's like putting the horse behind the wagon...

#10 17-11-2010 
lol BO
Well small is a advantage ... More friendliness ... though less downloading more help on stuff ... everything is ok


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