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#11 20-05-2011 
Kind of reopening this one.

I considered renaming the thread "Fish That Pass in the Night" - as I see we do get new members and they snuffle about a bit and then disappear again.

It could be because there is nothing to do here apart from download mods and upload pictures.

IDEAS of how to make the place a bit more accessible sought.

ETA: It would be good if some of our new users could let me know if there is anything they found confusing on the site. Like where the hell is everything.
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#12 20-05-2011 
Well, I wish I could tell you that I had a really brilliant idea to boost patronage here. If it hadn't been for Levini tugging at me to come over and join, I wouldn't have found you.
I can tell you some of the things I like about the site:
1) I was so happy to find that Leefish was the home of Leesester, a most gracious person.
2) I do love the in game shots that people share.
3) I was sorry the server did not support the shout box but that is not a deterrent to my coming here.
4) I don't feel like I can give much to the site because I am not a mesher or modder but I am so please to have found access to both here in Lee and BoilingOil.
5) I like the lack of bashing and slandering here.
6) I really wish to help any way I can, if any one has an idea how I could serve, please let me know.

#13 20-05-2011 
Hello again!

I just wanted to join in on this conversation since I saw how you added Leefish, "It would be good if some of our new users could let me know if there is anything they found confusing on the site. Like where the hell is everything." lol!

Well, while I don't have a whole lot to give to this thread as far as new ideas to entice people to stay longer, I do have a little suggestion as to making the site a little more accessible. Perhaps on the main page you can have the different "corners" of the creators' downloads area made more prominent, like where you currently have them listed under the "Sims Creativity" tab. Maybe they can be clearly put on the Home page under their own divided sections. So right away people could see on your site and have easy access to your specific talent(s), where BoilingOil's site is and his modding, CMO, Barbie DAL, etc. Does this make sense?

I agree with everything Nonni listed as well, 100% those are all so true points of this wonderful website! I wish I had more to add, though I have no talent at web design at all! I just think perhaps people who right away see that you have multiple contributors/different sections of expertise that it may allow improved access and appeal to the forum.

Oh, and I don't mean this suggestion to sound as a criticism of this website at all, nor to knock how you've already laid it out, I just wanted to see if I could help you out by giving my two cents.
PumpkinSpice, proud to be a member of Leefish since May 2011.

#14 21-05-2011 
No, its an excellent idea. I will just have to think how to style it up. Thanks for the feedback Smile
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#15 21-05-2011 
So far, I've actually mostly used this site as a modder/uploader, and not so much as a player/downloader. I store my mods here, and announce their existence on a few other sites (like Simbology for example) including direct links to the appropriate threads. So, thus far, I never saw a problem with the way stuff has been laid out here.

But I think that from a visitor's point of view, you may have a point there, PumpkinSpice. It might be somewhat daunting for a visitor to immediately acknowledge that multiple creators are represented here. People who follow my links to this site, often think that this place is mine, because they don't see any direct evidence of Lee's, Cmo's or Dal's work. I usually have to tell them that Leefish is the owner, link them to the portal and to Leesester's page on MTS to make them aware of the true facts Wink

So maybe you're right. Maybe links to the different sections *should* return to the portal page... (Yes, I said "return" because they *have* been directly accessible in the past Smile)

(Clearly, I crossed posts with Lee...)

#16 21-05-2011 
Lol yea. I was beginning to get a bit suspicious when Xander asked me if I modded Wink

We do have some links to other creators on the main pages of each creators mini-site but they are not SUPER prominent. Hmmmm. I shall give this some deep thought - maybe do a template edit - then I would appreciate BO and Dal and CMO's feedback on it.
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#17 21-05-2011 
Lee, my dear friend and host, you know you always have my support, no matter *what* you do to this place, don't you? I'm just so glad that I have a comfortable spot here to publish my stuff, and you've always been prepared to listen to my complaints about how things work or don't work, as well as my suggestions about how they should work. We do well together, I believe.

I'm utterly grateful for the invitation you once extended to me to join you here. Heart

#18 21-05-2011 
Well, I have scraffled together a little banner thing, But I shall go the whole hog and make a slider gallery Smile Will be very pretty. I hope.
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#19 21-05-2011 
Oh, I Heart that one a lot already! As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't need to get any better than that, Lee. All sections are quite visible this way!

(And why would I not like it, seeing as I'm the first one mentioned in that bar! Smile)

#20 21-05-2011 
Well yea, I did it based on a complex algorithm....


BO has loads of uploads, its my site, dal has a lot too, CMO is my friend.....etc.

And just numbered it like that Smile
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