What do you want from a forum?
#21 21-05-2011 
Oh yeah, as a Vulcan, I must agree that your logic is impeccable, and it's mathematically sound! Rofl

#22 22-05-2011 
Well Lee. How about linking to other sites ?? I See You have a site button so why not travel around to sites and see if they will add your button . and plus having their links up will be friendly lol

#23 22-05-2011 
We already have site links Lev.


Wandering the web posting the leelink is an idea - but I am not a member of a lot of those sites. So aarrrggghhhh (dont wanna join a load of forums just to post affiliate link - its rude.)
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#24 22-05-2011 
well I can help you
I go to a lot of sites So i can Help you

#25 22-05-2011 
Ok, that would be very cool - basically, they post a leelink (I will give you one that is on a white background) and then you fill in the link directory. Deal?
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#26 22-05-2011 
Well, I don't have much to offer. I am not a prolific creator. I am just learning to recolor. But what I could do is offer you exclusive uploads of the sims I make and the houses I build, then post pics on the sites I visit. You are already linked to Affinity but we are so new and so small that we don't have much traffic. BO has the Medieval Sim site well in hand.
I just don't see many sims or lots uploaded here, so I didn't think they were something you were particularly interested to have here. I know that meshing and modding are considered more desirable due to the higher degree of skill and knowledge needed to produce usable creations.
When I was first starting Sims 2, I went hunting for houses and sims but now Sims 2 has been around so long that houses and sims are not that greatly in demand.
I hesitate to upload here but if you like I can send you some previews to see if there is anything you would like to appear here. Wink

#27 22-05-2011 
Aww, Thank you Nonni. But surely you will be posting your items on Affinity Sims? Its really nice of you, but the problem isnt a lack of downloads, but lack of activity.

The thing is, I don't really want to start a WCIF and things like that because there are enough of those on all the forums on the web. I was thinking Social stuff rather than SIMS stuff per se.

I'm just not very social, so I have no idea.
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#28 22-05-2011 
Ok .-. i got one site down
I told her to PM you over here about this so that she could talk to you about this more
Expect a PM (Idk if she'll Register here/ if she will use the same name )

#29 22-05-2011 
Lev - what link are you using? I have turned the sig panels black to show why I don't really want you to hand out the gif from my sig. It does not show well on a dark site.

Use this one

The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#30 22-05-2011 
i linked her to the Site .-. so that she could PM you about all the detail stuff Since i fail Hard at communicating and its best I prove you exist lol


Sorry, that is a members only option