Poll: Are MATY right to share the Dr Pepper Sims items?
Yes - it's not fair we cant get them in our country
No - stealing is stealing
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#1 22-10-2010 
I was wandering about on the web - and I found a cool promotion to get free Sims stuff with Dr Pepper codes. Well yay I thought - I like sims, I like Dr Pepper - lemme at it.

What do I find? The promotion is not available in my country - so I can't get the items....(unless I dl from MATY) is this fair? Is this right? Are MATY justified in sharing these files for free? Or is it still illegal to share them as I guess these items are owned by Dr Pepper?
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#2 23-10-2010 
I think it's not fair for us to be left out, simply because we're not in the US of A. And let's face it: according to EA's EULA, only THEY may SELL objects in the package format. So everything that's NOT released by them, SHOULD be free for all! At least, that's my interpretation...

#3 23-10-2010 
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Technically Dr. Pepper isn't making you pay, you just have to use the little points thingies that come with coca-cola bottle tops. Therefore in my eyes it's a free item...

It's kinda like going to an arcade or a carnival and playing games to get a lot of tickets. When you redeem the tickets for your prizes, at the end of the day....it's just another crappy trinket you'll forget bout in a week. So I think MATY is awesome from saving us the hassle of having to collect points for a silly sims game item.
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#4 23-10-2010 
Yeah, they have this thing saying no purchase necessary (Dr Pepper that is, not MATY) -BUT- to get a code you have to send a stamped address envelope (which costs more than the soda and you don't even get a soda) - unless you live in Vermont....Is postage free in Vermont or something?
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