#1 25-10-2010 
Well, I was away from my PC all day on Sunday - we went to Amsterdam for the day. Our game plan was to wander about in the Jordaan (really pretty - see pic) and then to go hit the bookshops in town.


But its Amsterdam, and whenever I go there its always cold, windy and is on the coast of the North sea, so what can you expect. We were lucky on Sunday - mostly dry, though still bloody cold - we only had to cower in a doorway hiding from a rain shower twice. It was fun though - we spent an enormous amount of time trying to find an open hof to goggle at - not that easy though. Hofs are a kind of closed courtyard with an entrance from the street and then a tiled corridor leading into the garden. Most people in Amsterdam are very pleased to get a garden, so they lock the hof, and only people who live there can get in. We did find one finally and I snaffled some pics from the internet - see the attachments.

I always wanted to make something like this in sims but courtyards are always hard to do.

And then on to the bookshops - Waterstones and the American Book Shop were the shops of choice. I did buy one book and spent like an hour staring at another which I decided not to buy as it was forty euros.

Purchased book: Nick Hornby's "Juliet, Naked" (Once I have finished that I will do a review on it over in the bookcase)
Wished for book: Shirley Jackson's Collected Works

Hey, Christmas is coming - I should set up my Amazon wishlist.

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#2 29-10-2010 
Ugh, I want to go there. Sad The Blender 3D conference is going on now, the MTS meet up is coming up, and I'm stuck on the other side of the pond. Undecided
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#3 29-10-2010 
Yes, its a real shame for all the people who can't get there for the meetup. But its a LOT of money to pay to have an afternoon out with a bunch of mad sims freaks.....
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