Catching Fish
#1 28-10-2010 
So, I have been attempting to play TS3 - its ok, but I see I'm a TS2 player at heart really - my sim lives in a shack in the back of beyond and is often lonely and stir crazy.....

Anyway, moving on from my fail as a TS3 player, I am having a lot of fun going fishing, but was horrified at the cost of a fishing book. I would like to know the bait etc, but what - 800 simoleons? For a book? To learn for about 2 fish? Blimey.

I was looking over on the MTS wiki but no info on bait. Is it considered too cheaty to tell us? So far I have baits for minnow and goldfish....

If anyone knows where there is a list of baits I would appreciate it Smile
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#2 29-10-2010 
Carl's The Sims 3 Fishing Guide: Fish List

Scroll down to the fish list. Smile
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#3 30-10-2010 
Hey thats great thanks Cmo - its a bit hard to find stuff there (glad I'm not alone)...but handy info.
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Sorry, that is a members only option