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#1 01-11-2010 
Well, creators like stats

For anyone who uploads stuff to MTS you may have seen a groovy little thing on your User Control panel (the MTS one that is). There is a list of all your uploads and how many times they have been downloaded. There is also some fancy pants stuff going on where you can see downloads per day etc etc - but blimey that graph can take a while to load (and MTS is on a private server)

Of course, I wanted that on LeeFish too, but while it was just me who wanted it I thought it would be a tad egotistical to spend a lot of time on something that only I wanted. And it would be a lot of time as that is a fairly advanced plugin.

However, BoilingOil threw a random request into the shoutbox (which I have since added to the requests area in the Site projects) and I decided to have a go at it.

I have the query, now I need to get it into plugin form to show on the Control Panel.

Lets keep it simple right now - it will be a list of the uploads and the number of downloads for each upload. It will not total up at the bottom (though I will add that to the wishlist) and it will not show number of downloads on day x. Lets just get it showing first Smile

And here is a preview of how it looks (using my page, user names and other data covered to protect the innocent)

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#2 03-11-2010 
Ok, we are moving along nicely here - we now have a total at the bottom, and the next step will be making it sortable (probably in a very simple form, but still, better than nothing) Smile

The good news is that I have managed to take out all the things that made it only usable here on LeeFish and will be able to share it with other forum owners. Its an exciting thing for me - its my first real plug-in that I have made myself (with a LOT of help from the awesome folks over at the MyBBHacks website).

I will think of more things to make Smile
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#3 03-11-2010 
This is really something for you to be proud of, dear. Even without sorting, I think it's already awesome! Thank you for all the time you put into it. Big Grin
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