Pay to Pee?
#1 07-11-2010 
Hi Bo,

I have a request (I don't think its been done) but is it possible for you to make a pay-to-pee mod where if a sim uses the toilet on a community lot it costs them a small sum (maybe 5 simoleons)?


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#2 08-11-2010 
That sounds interesting! All sims except the owner, their family, and employees would be free of charge, and the owner should be able to configure the price from "free" to "ridiculously expensive" where the latter equals something like §10. I think it's possible to make that.

If *I* can do it, I'm not certain yet, but I think I could at least try. Wink

1. Check if we're on an owned comm lot. If not, then usage is free.
2. Otherwise, check the sim for relation with the owner. (household members, employees). If so, then usage is free.
3. Otherwise the family of the sim pays the fee to the family of the business owner.

Shouldn't be too hard to make.

#3 07-04-2011 
I know that SimSlice had a pay to use toilet mod and I downloaded it but I haven't actually tried it yet. If that helps.
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#4 07-04-2011 
Thanks Xander - is that a modded object or a general mod for all toilets on community lots?

Maybe a direct link to the download thread if possible?
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#5 07-04-2011 
Apparently SimSlice is a pay to play site and they want money for their mods Sad

On the one hand I could see it but on the other hand why not just give it away for free?
I hope this isn't against the rules but I got mine here after some googling.
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#6 07-04-2011 
Hmm, well, I dont really want to reopen the whole pay vs free debate....but I think you can see my philosophy from how we have set up leefish.

You dont even have to be a member to get the downloads. I think that if people want to post on your site they will. I don't believe in making people join leefish to get the mods/post so many posts yadda yadda - its set up for guests to say thanks (either via a quick click or a comment) and tbh that is all I personally hope for.

IF people want to join they can - if they want to do community stuff they can. Re the booty - well, its not somewhere I usually go - I dont have many mods or cc in my game anyway.
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#7 07-04-2011 
Makes perfect sense to me, I play with gobs of mods in my game. Most of the bigger files come from CC that are either hairstyles or cars. Global mods are amazingly small.
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Sorry, that is a members only option