Fixing Windows
#1 11-11-2010 
Well ,what a horror this is turning out to be - I made these windows in TSRW (don't judge, mkay?) but no longer have the project files as they were on my stolen laptop.............

Anyhoo, I have a dilemma....

If I make them in TSRW then they will be full replacements, with new IDs etc and so won't auto-replace any windows that are already in game. Which is a drag if you have them in a lot of lots.......

Alternatively, I can open up the packages in S3PE - but - in order to fix them correctly I will have to remap them all.....(um, no. Not gonna do that.)

So. I ran crying to Inge and she gave me some ideas on how to fix - if it works I will publish the method here.

#2 11-11-2010 
Well, I did some testing today - and it all worked. So happy day - I now have no excuse not to fix these.....I will do some other small fixes while I am at it.

How to fix:
  • If it's a simpack, run through Delphy's package extractor - make a package
  • Open new project in TSRW
  • Import from the package version of your file
  • Give it a name when it asks - does not matter what
  • Save as project
  • Go to tools-project contents
  • Select all in the list and delete
  • Still in project contents, hit import from package and import all resources from your original package file
  • Do all your fixes
  • Export to sims3pack format - give it the same name as the original
  • Extract using package extractor, give package same name as original
  • Done. Publish to your sharing site of choice.
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