What made you smile today?
#1 11-11-2010 
For me, it was somebody wishing me a nice day Smile What about you?

#2 11-11-2010 
I managed to get a scriptaculous effect to work.....small thing but I had been trying for ages.
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#3 12-11-2010 
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Today is one of my good friends birthday and I saved up to get him a really awesome present. He loved it so much and has been raving about it for hours! It makes me happy to know that I really made his day. Smile
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#4 18-01-2011 
I smiled today because It was my professor's birthday, and I was the first to wish him!
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#5 20-01-2011 
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I smiled Today Because i watched a Funny Movie , i Lol'ed very Much on it Big Grin


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