• The Prawn Cocktail Years
  • Reviewer: leefish
  • Lindsey Bareham & Simon Hodgkinson
  • Genre: NonFiction Reference
  • Rating: 8/10
  • Review Type: Book Review
Vintage food.....

I was chatting with a friend who also likes to cook and I IMMEDIATELY recommended this book - The Prawn Cocktail Years

Its a book of all those awesome 70s recipes - done well, with great descriptions and big double page spreads of Prawn cocktails and Black Forest Gateau - just reading this book makes me hungry.

Every recipe brings back memories - from the hated Chicken Chausseur and frankly weird Omlette Arnold Bennet, to the Victorian breakfast kedgeree, to Jam Roly Poly, real cornwall cornish pasty, and brown bread ice cream.

This is a great book just to read though - each recipe is introduced by a brief history of where it originated, how it became 'British', and how it won its place in our favourite foods.

The recipes are listed by the establishments that made them famous - The fifties hotel dining room, the Gentleman's club, 'Espresso Bongo' coffee bars and many others.

The British can't cook is what everyone says - but read this book and you will see our Culinary Heritage and see that we can and it tastes great!

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