Poll: Should we phase out the LeeFish WIKI and use threads/posts instead?
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LeeFish WIKI stay or go?
#1 16-11-2010 
Some of you may know that we have a little WIKI type thing here on LeeFish. The wiki has its strengths - and its weaknesses. Pros and Cons you might say Wink

PROS: Its an article system (kind of) and these are hard to make and hard to find for FREE
Its integrated into the forum software so we don't need to have two logons.
It does post into the main site - this is a big plus - no other wiki system does this create a post thing - it might be a sad little post, but its a post.
It uses the MYBB picture upload system so I don't have to make forty million extra picture fields for it.
It has a neat category system, and the TOC is cool

CONS: Its coded in GERMAN and the developer barely speaks English. This makes it hard to get any support (especially as the wiki is officially discontinued for MYBB1.6 (our software)
It keeps BREAKING (grrr) - and - see above - its a nightmare to fix it.
We cant style the first post in anyway - the edit options are disabled. This means we cant share files using the WIKI system.

Dal is our biggest user of the wiki - so I would appreciate input from dal on this.

I have to say, I HATE having stuff on photobucket/image shack whatever so I would be really against a plan where we had pics hosted offsite. This is because the pics are usually hosted on a free plan and can take forever to load. LeeFish is not exactly a speeding bullet as is, so by the time the page loaded our visitors would be gone.

I'm posting a poll - WIKI - stay or go - and if we get rid of it - what will we use instead? I can do some nifty tricks with the HTML but I'm not superfish Smile

For those who do not understand forum speak - threads and posts is how the downloads, finds, pics and resources areas are set up.
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#2 16-11-2010 
I can't decide either way on this. I saw the Milkshape entries and decided I could do the Blender side. But if it's a headache to manage now, how hard will it be down the road? The wiki is a good thing, but not if it's going to be a burden to you.
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#3 16-11-2010 
I say it is good ... helpful too
Would there be any way you can find one in english ???

#4 16-11-2010 
No Lev. Is a one off plug in.

Take a look at the resources section - thats the alternative really.
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#5 16-11-2010 
well... that would make things easier than having to try to translate from German to English ...

#6 16-11-2010 
Lev - do read the first post. Look at the pros and cons. See what it says.....

HOW is it easier to have forty million separate picture fields?

How is it easier to have to code in GERMAN when i don't actually read or understand German.?

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#7 17-11-2010 
i could see some good pros but Having to do things in one language you dont know isnt the best way
I dont get it ... Why not make a forum area for it ... like a little tutorials section .... isnt this a forum like thing?

#8 17-11-2010 
Yes it is - but thats the point Lev.

PHP Code:
query ="wiki_keep" 
select.spics,mybb attachments,articles,
FROM pros
WHERE language 
German AND picfields loads of 
"time of Lee"
LIMIT $patience 

^^ That was a coding joke.....
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#9 17-11-2010 
The wiki is one something that no other site has. At least, not in the way it was implemented here... It would be a shame if the wiki had to go.

However, if you're in the dark about how to use it, how to solve issues, how to fix bugs and breakdowns, and even just how to use it if actually *does* work... I'd say it's a big PITA, and you shouldn't waste any more time on it.

Just one thing, please... If you *do* decide to actually destroy it, warn me beforehand, so I can back up my SimPE articles first.

And as for the PHP coding joke... Maybe it's because I don't know PHP, but I just don't get it.

#10 17-11-2010 
... oooooh k im weirded out by the coding i dont know
bur if anything maybe you can find someone who speaks german to translate for you ... there has to be a Simmer somewhere who knows coding ... or even how to translate what the person is saying


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