New Feature for members
#1 19-11-2010 
I added a new feature to the member profiles - "What are you doing right now?" -

Here's how to use it.....

1) Go to your profile (you can do this by clicking on the mini avatar at the top of any page)
2) You will see a box saying "What are you doing right now?"
3) Then there is a box to type stuff in......
4) So you do.....
5) And then on your profile and posts there will be a "Status" - default is its a secret.

(Lee prepares for levini to be confuzzled.........)
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#2 19-11-2010 
No need to prepare... Lev by design defaults to a confuzzled state Rofl

#3 19-11-2010 

(poor lev.....)
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#4 19-11-2010 
and GAH. Need to make small fix to new feature (i.e. if used in postbit is not like lord of the superstretched postbit when with a long status) - I would rather it wrapped than me saying only x characters - but in the meantime - no novellas in the "What am I doing box.....

/lee hurries off to find out how to do this in php
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#5 19-11-2010 
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Ohhh, that's what the it's a secret thing is.
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#6 20-11-2010 
lol how did you know BO
Its my default state ... so is on a sugar high and psycho but ... well discuss that later LOL

*gets puzzled look*
Ooooooooooh so thats what the "its a secret" is..... COOL I Heart it

#7 27-11-2010 
testing for leefish....
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#8 02-12-2010 
Well, I had to temporarily turn this off as there was a risk to of MYSQL injections (which is what happened to Living Sims). This vulnerability is now fixed, and we also have a neat feature that you can update from your posts - just hit the edit button next to your "status" and change it.

I have also been sprucing up the profiles a little.
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Sorry, that is a members only option