AT LAST ...signature = NOT stupid :)
#1 20-11-2010 
Well yay is all I can say.

From the very beginning of using mybb I hated the way the user signature displayed on the classic postbit.

It was sort of like POST CONTENT - underline(only 25% width) and then a load of signature crap......

I hated it - I wanted the signature to be neatly away at the bottom of the post - not being a blob of horror in the middle of the post.

Finally - I have fixed it. What does this show? That if you plod for long enough you will learn how to do the things you want to do Smile
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#2 20-11-2010 
YAY for Lee and her perseverance. Heart

It's true, though: I know from my coding experience that if you can imagine stuff working a certain way, you can also make it happen! If not immediately, then with some extra time invested. Big Grin
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#3 20-11-2010 
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Swearing at it helps too....sometimes.
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#4 20-11-2010 
Yeah, but then it gets filtered...........
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#5 20-11-2010 
In honour of this historic event I have relaxed signature rules slightly. We are now allowed ONE image in our signatures. Please keep it small.
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Sorry, that is a members only option