Creating a plugin
#1 26-11-2010 
I am going to create a plugin for the games section:

Goal of Plugin: Show champion trophy next to users name in post bit and profile.

Things to do:

Set up plugin file

Define query

Test on forum.
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#2 02-12-2010 
Well, I made a start on this yesterday - I decided to keep it small to start with; so this version will only have a profile ribbon.

Done so far:

Plugin file is ready. What that means is I have defined the name and settings and install/uninstall and activation/deactivation routines. I have made a template gonna be very small, but will be ok.

TO DO ( the meat and potatoes of the plugin) the query.

I have tried to make a query but am failing miserably - will have to have a look in the games.php file.
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#3 22-01-2011 
Ok, I think I have the idea on this one - I will give it another go Smile
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