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MYBB 1.6 shows the number of users referred by a user - this adds the names as well. Upload the attached file to your inc/plugins folder and away you go Smile

See the attached screenie. Usernames are clickable.

Show Referrals on Profile Screenshot Show Referrals on Profile Screenshot  
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#11 28-08-2011 
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I'm using 1.6.4

I'm guessing there is just some slight editing I have to make to the template files. I'm kind of a newb at this.

#12 28-08-2011 
Ok, I have not tested on 1.6.4 (we are still on 1.6.3 on leefish), but you need to check the following:

Plugin is activated in the plugins menu in ACP
This variable -


Needs to be in the member_profile template - put it directly under the reputation variable and see what happens.


PS If you are really struggling I can take a look at the Admin CP on your site - you would have to give me a link and admin access to templates.
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#13 29-08-2011 
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The variable is there. Anything else I can check?

#14 30-08-2011 
I have no more ideas. Like I said, if you give me a link and access I can take a look.
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#15 31-08-2011 
Ok, I went to your board using the password and link and the variable is in the profile. You just need some people to do some referrals.

I removed the MYBB referral link as it was not needed. Maybe that is what caused the confusion.
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#16 25-11-2012 
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I ge this error right after I upload the file.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting T_VARIABLE or T_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE or T_DOLLAR_OPEN_CURLY_BRACES or T_CURLY_OPEN in /x/inc/plugins/showrefer.php on line 95

#17 25-11-2012 
Yes, as discussed on MyBB you are using Google SEO urls. This MIGHT fix it - no guarantees -

Open the plugin file (in a proper editor - Notepad ++)

and find this line:

AND u.referrer = '".intval($GLOBALS['uid'])."'

and change that line to

AND u.referrer = '".intval(['uid'])."'
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#18 15-08-2015 
Hi, how can I know on mybb 1.8 what users a user has referred? I have only in profile "User referred: 1" but I don't know who Big Grin


#19 15-08-2015 
Showrefer plugin on github Smile


#20 15-08-2015 
(15-08-2015 02:35 PM)leefish Wrote:  Showrefer plugin on github Smile


Thank you Leeeee, works perfectly Big Grin Celebrate

Only 2 little fix :x File showrefer.lang.php in /inc/languages/english (or other language folder)

and in member_profile_showrefer there was all together <td class="trow1 valign=top">

Sorry, that is a members only option