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MYBB 1.6 shows the number of users referred by a user - this adds the names as well. Upload the attached file to your inc/plugins folder and away you go Smile

See the attached screenie. Usernames are clickable.

Show Referrals on Profile Screenshot Show Referrals on Profile Screenshot  
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#21 15-08-2015 
Yea, it wasnt actually finished Big Grin

You can create issues on github if you like Smile

#22 15-08-2015 
I'm trying bootstrap.. Confused

Added my complaints also on Github Big Grin
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#23 15-08-2015 
lol at complaints

#24 31-07-2016 
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I saw on GitHub you mentioned wanting to restructure the layout of the referred member listing. Had you considered showing the number of referred members, then a [details] link to toss up a modal window contianing a table of referred members? This would be similar to Labrocca's Easy Refer 2.0 that was available on older versions of MyBB.

[Image: 8e8af095cca6483195a316c72fd2e076.png]

Sorry, that is a members only option