2 weeks until 2011!
#1 17-12-2010 
Can you believe it? 2010 has gone so fast! :O

#2 17-12-2010 
I know!! Many exciting things have happened - and the year is over already!! Got any good resolutions?
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#3 17-12-2010 
Well, I suppose to not leave work until the last minute!

#4 17-12-2010 
Hmm, I think mine is to get back into modding for sims3....
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#5 18-12-2010 
Quite a number of years back, my good resolution was: never to have good resolutions again! So far, I've easily been able to keep my promise, and I'm not gonna waiver now. Big Grin
In fact, I'm rather happy with 'me' being the way 'me' is, even though 'me' lives alone in a bit of a messy place... Tongue

#6 20-12-2010 
my resolution /goal +s ...
- lose 20 pounds
- break my cursing habits
- stop being such a klutz
- write more ... poetry and other stuff
- publish all my poems ...


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