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#1 19-12-2010 
...yea, this is one of those whats your favourite mods for TS2/TS3 threads.

I see a lot of people coming in and taking downloads from our downloads areas, and it would be cool to see what kind of mods people have in their games - CLOTHES/OBJECTS/HAIR/Behaviour MODS/

What mods do you have in your game and why?
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#2 22-12-2010 
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There are too many! For starters, DJSims' Badge Scholarships (a fair reward for all that hard work), Squinge's Community Lot Skilling, MATY's abortbedmaking and coffeecuphack (how did I live without them?), MTS's MogHughson's DinnerForEight and SimWolf's Clothing for YA to Elder (suddenly, the older people are better dressed in all my neighbourhoods!) and SimLogical's Elder's Sleep Through Night. All excellent and highly recommended! Smile

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I'm mainly a mod addict.
The one mod I really can't play without is one to adjust geme speed to 50%. I've started with Merola's Time Clock and changed to Chris Hatch's Time Controller which is global and more comfortable. This mod is followed by several others to adjust the game to the slower speed as far as possible (slower skilling, slower energy gain while sleeping, more coffeine...).
Place two is the Community Time Project, no more time warps while visiting a community lot. Sims will come home at the time they left the community lots, not when they left the home lot.
Then there are countless mods to make the sim life harder (higher bills, no20Khandout, nofreefood, harder homework...) and a few to make it not too hard, together with others to make the game more reasonable - and some just to have fun with my soms.
Lately I've started to use custom eyes and skins. And don't forget hair, clothes, recolors build/buy mode objects, clutter... did I forget something? Well, everything that forces my game to need 20 minutes to load now. Rolleyes


#4 23-12-2010 
Well, I was looking through my stuff - and I think it shows that I like to take pretty pics Smile

I have:
Huge Lunatics Off grid rugs (an absolute GOTTA HAVE imo)
Treeags freeze time clock (great for pics with sims)
A copy of beosboxboys No Red Pause mod that I got from from somebody in the MTS chatroom (this way you dont have to crop the pics to get rid of the red pause lines)
Murano's Community Project Ash tree (PRETTY TREE) and Khakidoo's shrubby shrubs
Ideal for quick changes on photoshoots: and of course AGS.

Loads of windows and doors from some loser called leesester, everything Mog Hughson ever did, and a custom user set up file thingy for all those quick cheat codes.

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Hi Lee! This is pbox =). Your site was down recently (which you doubtlessly know =P ), glad to see it's up again.

Anyhoo, at some point I reinstalled TS3 (and rather unsurprisingly, discovered the game still sucks at least as much as I remembered), and since I had wiped my old downloads I had to actually go and redownload/remake everything, so I got a pretty good idea of what I really *really* need before I even bother to start the game:


- AwesomeMod
- No Build Sparkles, No Censor, No Intro
- Five tons of XML tweaks by myself (mainly career overrides and no free crap and suchlike)
- Rabbithole rugs
- Lighting fixes for broken/silly EA doors
- Default replacement for sidewalk (since the EA one looks .. pink-ish grey-ish yellowish grey? Like uh .. something you'd find you forgot at the very back of your fridge, not plastered all over the street)
- Default replacement for wrong-way-around wood floor slats by I don't know who (from MTS)
- Just-a-column (that simple square column by .. was it Flabaliki?)
- and if I could have found it, your EuroWindow =). I managed to dig up an old version but that crashed my game (I hadn't played in like ever, so was on a much newer version now), then I searched high and low but the download seems to be gone from mts =(. This is not a hardly disguised request or something, but I guess you'll be happy to hear that your window is one out of two buildmode downloads I consider indispensable =).

Nice to have:

- Liberated stuff along the lines of my liberated signs and other CAW objects (since all of that is already in game, why shouldn't I be able to use it?)
- Inge's LotSizes for convenience (would be indispensable if AM didn't include a similar option)
- No-deco defaults by "haru" (MTS I believe .. what removes the flowery crap from a lot of EA objects)
- Adjustable curtains, although I never got around to actually use them (I was already so used to just ignore curtains since the EA ones never fit)
- Simple kitchen and table by myself

In a word .. mainly things that attempt to fix issues, get rid of crap, and make the game useable in general. I don't think I ever downloaded any clothes for TS3 and I never really felt a need to .. hair, a little, but mainly "liberated" versions (like adult hair made useable for teens), nothing radically new or different. I haven't bothered to redownload any sim-related stuff at all for my "I'll try to play again" experiment, not even defaults. But I did use default skins before and they made a difference, so if I had been more involved now I'd probably have installed them again.

For TS2, I guess the answer would be along the same lines, although of course I can't remember very well anymore what exactly I was using .. definitely the LotAdjuster, the neighbourhood .. thingy .. , and the CommunityTime mod. That one really changed gameplay in a big way. Plus much of what JMP made, and I guess a window or fourty-five by that Leesetter person. I used much more CC in general with TS2, recolours and clothes above all, since without CAW there often was no way to make the EA ones look decent (and the EA meshes were more bizarre overall, as well .. like funky costumes and stuff, but no plain T-shirts).

Cheers, pbox

#6 05-06-2011 
Wow where do I begin lol.

Global Mods:
  • Macrotastic - From MATY
  • Water Inaccessible Flowers Fix
  • Silver Monkey Plate Replacement - Ambular
  • Coffee Cup Hack
  • Community Skilling
  • Dress Me Correctly - Moghudson
  • Flirts Enabled - Squinge
  • Age Up Anytime Cakes - Simlogical
  • Interact Without Greet
  • Less Whiny
  • Sprinkler Less Animation Loops
  • More Caffeine
  • Instant Stereo On - Numenor
  • Paint Faster
  • Men Pee Standing Up
  • Autonomous Leftovers - MogHudson
  • M&G Stuff Flowers Smell Yummy - Treeag
  • BV Sunbathe Anywhere - Treeag
  • Watch Kids Enabled - Squinge
  • Business Rank Names - Boiling Oil

Just to name a few and if I don't have the name of the author of the mod it's because I honestly don't know who created it. There are probably more to mention (over 530+ files alone in my "Global Mods" folder) but I feel confident in mentioning these.

Also hairstyles, custom lighting, TV and PCs as well as lots of custom vehicles.
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#7 05-06-2011 
* BoilingOil blinks, whimpers, and crawls away in a dark corner...

Apparently, there's nothing that I made that was worth mentioning... I feel so under-appreciated now! Grasshopper, you failed!

#8 05-06-2011 
The mods I have are centered for photo taking and deco
Object /reguoar mods
- no red pause lines
- off grid rugs
- default wall top replacement
- default wall texthre replacement
- bedding replacements
Bodyshop mods I use
- Javiera's hair replacements
- HP's modest maxis clothes
- and any maxis clothing/hair mesh fix

#9 05-06-2011 
(05-06-2011 05:31 PM)XanderGC Wrote:  Wow where do I begin lol.

Global Mods:
  • Business Rank Names - BoilingOil <- Ahem, *cough* Tongue

I also use these mods by resident mod guru: BoilingOil, but I just recently got them so I don't know if they are mods I can live without, I sorry Confused
  • Remote Control Dorm Doors - BoilingOil
  • Phone Book Makeover - BoilingOil
  • No Sim Loaded - BoilingOil
  • Simulated Sales - BoilingOil
  • Sellable Car (If I could get it to work with my other many mods) - BoilingOil

edited: To appease the guru lol.
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#10 05-06-2011 
Ah, that feels much better! Big Grin Now only get those spaces outta mah name, and we be talkin' here!


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