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This will pull the first thumbnail from each thread in the forums you specify in the settings in the ACP.
This means that you need to be careful what picture you upload first. Options in the settings are the forums you want to get the pictures from and the number of pictures you want to show.
If you have a specific XThreads custom field containing pictures that you want to show, then let me know by replying here - give the KEY of the field.

If the templates dont update automatically add the variable {$fishhattachment_gallery} where you want it to show in your templates.

You can see the gallery on the front page of leefish - its the fresh fish attachment gallery. The BIG gallery with the ajax updates is my special one for leefish Smile - its not really suitable to share as its all hardcoded.

NOTE: This is designed to work on portal - for proportal please see XThreads Gallery on Pro_Portal

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#2 19-01-2011 
This plugin can also be used on Index.
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#3 30-04-2012 
Awesome! I changed a couple of variables to make separate plug ins of this (One for each dl section + a random box) and it works great!
.... except for some reason, this information
"<a href=\"{\$fishrandomhatt_postlink}\"><img src=\"{\$fishrandomhatt_att_thumb}\" alt=\"{\$fishrandomhatt_title}\" title=\"{\$fishrandomhatt_title}, Posted By: {\$fishrandomhatt_username} Uploaded At: {\$fishrandomhatt_datetime}\" class=\"attachment\" style=\"vertical-align: middle\" /></a>"

doesn't show. When you have time, can you please take a look at what could be the reason for this?

The only thing that shows is the thumbnail (Yeah I fixed the problem I was having with those too Big Grin) Nothing else shows.
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#4 30-04-2012 
Yin, this is the same as the one on the front of leefish - the data shows when you hover on an image. If you want one more like the Pro_portal I will dig one up for you.
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#5 30-04-2012 
No, no you don't have to! I just realized that it's in the title of the link! I was just coming back to say that I think I may have figured it out Tongue
Yin, proud to be a member of LeeFish since Mar 2012.
And proud to be the owner of Atlas Productions - Cavern Of Creativity!

#6 05-11-2012 
This plugin shows latest xthread images? Can I set limit number of image to show? thanks

(if this is ok, I can replace my bad bad bad marquee thing in "abc" home of the site, I have installed templates for Xthread Gallery Image and it is very cool Big Grin )

#7 06-11-2012 
**Looks bewildered**

Yes, this is how the fresh fish gallery is made on Leefish. It will get a number of latest attachments from threads in the forums you specify. You can say how many threads images you want to display. It looks NOTHING like Freshfish when you install it - you have to adjust it.
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#8 06-11-2012 
Ok. My idea is replace sliding marquee in homepage (html isn't validate) with this gallery.

I add xthread images in this gallery on the forum -> latest images appear in homepage Big Grin

#9 06-11-2012 
* leefish tries to find gallery on Deb's site.....
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#10 08-11-2012 
uhm maybe in the pages out /forum, plugin doesn't work?

My homepage of the site (abc template) isn't in /forum but in public_html, attachments system doesn't work there?

Sorry, that is a members only option