New Years Resolution?
#1 06-01-2011 
Anyone make a resoulution this year? If so, what was it?
I decided to give up making resolutions (actually, that was my resolution so I guess I didn't give it up after all). lol

#2 06-01-2011 
Blimey, haven't made resolutions since I was about 17....

If I DID, it would probably be something boring like making sure I remembered to eat everyday. I tend to forget.
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#3 07-01-2011 
The last time I made a resolution, was about 30 years ago: that was to NEVER make a resolution again!
So far, I've done as I intended Big Grin

My take on this is: if you really want to do something, whatever it may be, you shouldn't need a new year's resolution to get it done! Just the true conviction that it must be done and a healthy dose of self-discipline should do the trick, anytime!

#4 07-01-2011 
I actually decided to do something, rather than give something up.
I intend to do at least one thing good for someone each day (straightens his

#5 08-01-2011 
Lol - actually, thats very interesting - I was reading that its actually HARDER to stop doing something than continue or begin. So I guess thats a good sign for you and your resolve Smile
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#6 17-01-2011 
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I made a new years resolution a few years back that I'm still working on so no new one to date. I'll finish my goals one of these years but actually this year I'm already further in the commitment stage. Baby steps I guess.

#7 18-01-2011 
My new years resolution (made today) is to get better at closing threads.
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