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See the screenshot below for how this looks on the pro-portal. The green lines are added so you can see it on the picture - the actual block has no green line around it. Cool

[Image: portal-view.jpg]

In this block the time on line is set as in your whos on line settings in the ACP and the list will show ALL online users whose primary usergroup can access modcp.

Mods Online Pro_Portal Block Screenshot Mods Online Pro_Portal Block Screenshot  
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#11 12-02-2011 
You nailed it. It is because I have modified the primary groups. It works fine on my test site. I should have thought of that. Thanks for all the help.
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#12 12-02-2011 
Hmmm, so what does this mean? That you can't use the block? Thats a damn shame - I will see if I can make a version that will look for additional usergroups - I am sure you are not the only one with that set up.
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