Starting Packing
#1 11-01-2011 
The appalling slowness of leefish is entirely due to the rubbishness of our hosting company. As a result, we will be moving leefish off to a spiffy new server in the next few days or so. As this is the first time I have ever moved a site I am a bit scared. I am especially scared that the host will close off their side before I can get all the stuff off.

So here is the plan:

I will have to close leefish for about a week. This means that I have time to back up EVERYTHING and shift all files from the FTP to my PC. Then the host will change the DNS settings. That will effectively put the domain name in limbo for a few days. While we are in limbo I will move all our things across to the new server and ftp, cross my fins and restart leefish.

Ulp. I will keep you posted, but I am thinking Wednesday evening for the close. Like tomorrow. 12/Jan/2011.

Wish us luck....
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#2 11-01-2011 
Yipes... I'll have to bring my blog up-to-date and redirect everyone there for the time being, then... It's good that I know of this. Thanks for the warning, Lee, and good luck with the move!

#3 11-01-2011 
Hope everything goes ship shape for you Lee! *crosses her fingers too*

#4 12-01-2011 
You should change your avatar sparks. Is not Christmas anymore Smile
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#5 12-01-2011 
Good luck Lee! /cmo crosses toes, too.
Just keep swimming...

#6 12-01-2011 
Great luck Lee ...
Hey i have some cardboard boxes for ya if you need it ...
and a snow shovel , and some cupcakes , and a basket ...
oh and /Levini crosses Fingers , Toes , Arms and legs

#7 12-01-2011 
Good luck with the move Leefish.
I've moved host countless times. It usually takes me 48 hours to complete everything.
If you need any help, let me know.

#8 12-01-2011 
Thanks x-Treme - if I get stuck I will give you a yell Smile Its the DNS settings that will be changed - and if the host are as slow with this as everything else I fear a week is a good estimate Sad
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#9 14-01-2011 
Um well, we are back, and I am unpacking - some stuff got a bit jumbled - we will wait for the DNS thing to sort itself out.

In the meantime, here is some George Formby to keep our spirits up

Thats a ukelele banjo and he is a lancastrian folk hero......
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