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This was a book that as soon as I saw it I thought "hmm, this I will love or hate". Luckily, (since things have not been going well on the book choosing front for me recently) I liked it - neither love nor hate.

This book is set in the twenty years up to and including the Great War of 1914 - 1918. It has a large cast of characters, with the central story revolving around a group of children whose mother is an author. Its a story about responsibility and genius and approaches to genius. Its got some interesting background (the Arts and Crafts movement, the Great Exhibition in Paris) and the story ticks along nicely-ish.

I got a bit fed up in the middle of the book - its a bit like eating yummy cake - but for breakfast, dinner and tea. You hope for something salty or whatever to break up the continuous taste. The writing style is excellent, though it can seem a bit dry. It doesn't have that boom boom boom of "Possession ", and the second half of the book - though full of drama - just seemed to tail off into the climax of the story.

I would recommend it - its a good book - I guess I just hope for too much and so am always disappointed Smile Score is definitely on the mean side...

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Ooh snazzy pop up reply box, I am impressed Lee! I don't read too many books but I think it's great you are reviewing books. Big Grin

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I was forced to read this in high school. It was...okay...


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