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-This is a SIMS 2 lot and requires NL, OFB, BV, AL, FT, AL and M&G-
New from Sparkitecture is a stylish 2 bedroom 1 bath family home. This lot looks great in the city or out in the countryside, with modern hardwood floors and brick walls. It comes unfurnished- decorate however you wish.

[Image: thumb640x480]

The kitchen is contained in a split level, with plenty of space for units and a table (But the ceiling is lower, so you may not be able to hang wall cabinets or some lights) and both bedrooms contain a built in wardrobe.

Here's the floorplan-
[Image: thumb640x480]

The house also boasts a driveway to store 1 car and even a swimming pool at the back! It costs a cheap 18,382 Simoleans and sits on a 2x2 lot.
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Boho Factory Chic house Screenshot Boho Factory Chic house Screenshot Boho Factory Chic house Screenshot        
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#5 18-09-2011
Smile Looks great, and you used one of my favourite doors.

#6 01-05-2012
I absolutely adore small, simple lots. This is really lovely Smile

#7 01-05-2012
Yes, it looks lovely. I like the way you've built the front elevation.

#8 01-05-2012
Fishcookie! That is an awfully cute house. Thanks for sharing!


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