Where do I relieve myself in a fish tank?
#1 29-01-2011 
Hello to all & Thanks for having me, sorry for the title but find it best to show a bit of my personality in the beginning. I found the place google'n for pro portal blocks had a look around & had to join, love the site setup very nice. Was very happy to see you include things for both pro portal & game section as not many sites even bother with them but I use them both. Look forward to getting to know the place & members better.

taBoo, proud to be a member of Leefish since Jan 2011.

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Hi taBoo, nice to meet you. Bathroom is 3rd door on the left. Smile
Just keep swimming...

#3 29-01-2011 
Hi taboo, glad to have you here, I get a bit lonely being the only mybb person on the site

You might like the codefish section, and you are of course welcome in the tea room....Smile
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#5 29-01-2011 
Just gotta add - that is the LADIES toilet Cmo. Now I know who has been leaving the seat up.....

Men's john is the 4th door on the left......
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#6 29-01-2011 
Welcome taBoo, I'm the FishOil, ehrm... OilFish... ahem, I mean, I'm BoilingOil, one of the very few non-Fish in the tank Wink

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The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

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I don't need to relieve myself, being a cookie! I do occasionally have to top up on icing, though. *glares at the people who want to eat me*
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Sorry, that is a members only option