#1 30-01-2011 
I guess an aquarium is quite an appropriate place for a crab, yes? I've been a TS2 player since the tail-end of Nightlife's newness, have all EPs just because I must have every possible sim interaction that exists, and have still not had the desire to install TS3, even on a *ahem* trial basis.

I've been recoloring stuff to varying degrees of success for a long time, and have been steadily learning more about object meshing for almost two years now. My biggest feat in the past year was finally learning how to swap shoes on a body mesh without something exploding. I love the meshing and mapping aspects, themselves, far more than doing the actual package building in SimPE. That's probably more universal than I think.

I'm a big fan of challenges and themed neighborhoods; I have three 'hoods currently in play that include a 1930s asylum town, a Maxis Uberhood, and the first shreds of an embarrassing ode to my 80s childhood in the form of a fantasy 'hood. I love to make over Maxis buildings as well as their sims, and have a particular affinity for Nervous Subject; there must be some incarnation currently playable in my game and he must be leading a happy life, or the universe can never truly be at peace. I also tend to have incarnations of Sephiroth and Lazard from Final Fantasy VII in every neighborhood but the Maxis ones. I can't seem to help myself about help this. They're just too dang cute.

I love Maxis meshes made to be more usable more than I do super-realistic content, as a general rule, and cannot say no to downloading add-on sets and good recolors. While I do have a weakness for grungy things, I more prefer things that just don't look brand-spanking-new and have some age or wear about them. I despise needlessly high poly counts, which was a big part in deciding to learn to mesh for myself, and if it wasn't already clear, I'm hard to shut up sometimes.

So, hello, fish tank, and I hope I don't annoy you all too much Big Grin

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Hi, CrabOfDoom! Nice to meet you. Smile
Just keep swimming...

#3 30-01-2011 
Hallo there - love the username. It sounds like you have a cool game - I'm especially interested in that 1930's hood - I love that style. So where can we see your objects/recolours?

Maybe post a couple of pics from your game (yea, I'm nosy)
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Welcome and I agree with Lee, show us pictures!

#5 31-01-2011 
Welcome to this tank, CrabOfDoom... I'm the main source of pollution here Wink


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