My last few gaming session have been spent remodeling all of the Maxis Downtown in my Uberhood that I can get my hands on; it's still an ongoing fight, but it's about half over. The first to get the treatment was the Gothier Greens cemetery, which I felt should be done before anyone actually bought the farm. Not a great deal changed structurally or locationally, but I think some changes to walls and decor made a big difference.

[Image: 2011_01_16_041.jpg]

Window shopping at Hans' Trap Door Corp, which is now a boutique/salon/cafe. Without the ?!? trap doors in the back.

[Image: 2011_01_16_054.jpg]

Egyptology wall at the redone Art Museum.

Maxis Downtown Remodeling Screenshot          
#2 31-01-2011
Cool, can't wait to see what else you come up with!

#3 01-02-2011
The changes on the cemetery are amazing - it actually looks like a nice place to visit now. Great job.


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