brownpaperbag - finished
#1 16-02-2011 
well, I have been making a site ( for my friend - using MYBB. I have learned a lot doing it, and I hope to use some of these new tricks here on leefish.

My javascript is getting better (I keep having AHA moments) so expect to see more javascript goodness on leefish in the coming weeks.

In addition, I am still working on getting the number of queries down, though the heavy use of images in the leefish site can cause slow browser times.

I will look at what I can do to streamline the css, html etc.
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#2 18-02-2011 
can i have my paper bag back now ?

#3 18-02-2011 
No - for I have used it to make a website on the back of Smile

You can have it back after the wedding ....
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#4 18-02-2011 
Very nice, Lee. Smile Before you give it back to Lev, I need it until I get my Transformers lunch box fixed.
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#5 18-02-2011 
but CMO ... i need it for my vegan spanish foods ... i cant use anything insulated because they become soggy and nasty ...and soggy and nasty spanish food is soggy and nasty ...

#6 23-02-2011 
I took a peek at the brownpaperbag site and it is adorable and cleverly done!
It reminded me of the recent wedding on a shoestring my nephew and his wife did and it was precious.
Good Job, Lee!


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