Back-Off, Butler
#1 19-02-2011 
I hope this is the correct place to ask for a game or BHAV mod.

It has always outraged me that the Butler would interfere with the parental duties of their employers.

In my sims families there is always one stay-at-home parent when the family has children. Nannies always get my goat so I gave up on having both parents work. That solved the Nanny problem.

When I added the EP that had the Butler, I was horrified when the Butler grabbed the child to feed or bath or put the child to bed. So, I sorrowfully quit having a Butler. Is there another solution? or could you make a mod for the purpose of keeping the Butler from taking care of infants or toddlers?

Many thanks, in advance for your consideration of my request.

#2 19-02-2011 
Ah, you're in the right place, Nonni ;-)

If you're just as creeped out by the AL Butler touching your sim kids as I am, you should certainly check out BO - ButlerIsNoNanny! That was actually the very first mod I made 16 months ago, because I didn't want that pedophile anywhere near my kids. My sims have to take care of their own kids, not leave it to the butler!

There's one catch with this mod, though: any lots where the butler was on the lot when you saved, this guy will start to act weirdly after installing the mod. Just dismiss him for the day and let him come back the next day, and all will be well again. Games saved AFTER installation of this mod, have no problems at all!

#3 19-02-2011 
yes, I THOUGHT you had a mod that covered that. Smile
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#4 20-02-2011 
Indeed! You thought correctly. Smile That was my first project; I knew nothing of modding, when I started that one Wink

#5 20-02-2011 
Thank you so much!!! You are my hero. Sorry I didn't find it on my own.

#6 20-02-2011 
You're welcome, dear. I just wish I had more requests as simple as this Wink


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