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In the early days of TS3 there was a lovely little site called SimNational. There, Xerendipty shared many of her creations with us. Sadly, the site closed down and her downloads disappeared as well.

To keep her creations alive Lootfish has uploaded three of her lights.

[Image: thumb640x480]

Polygon counts for these are a little on the high side, but nothing game breaking.
The textures, meshes, idea, etc are all property of Xerendipty. We at Leefish are not claiming this as our own original content. We're simply re-hosting it so the creation won't be lost in oblivion
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Xerendipty Lighting Screenshot Xerendipty Lighting Screenshot Xerendipty Lighting Screenshot        
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oh *^* leefish, thank you a lot for re-hosting those beautiful Xerendipty creations! <3

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Bow chick-a bow wow. I love these! *smooch*


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