Hi from Alet
#1 24-02-2011 
Hi, I am Alet and Nonni told me about this friendly site, so I came over to see for myself Smile

I seldom play sims, but I like to play around in Bodyshop, HomeCrafter and SimPe. I have sims 3 the base game but haven't played it yet. I do not have the time - real life is interfering.

Have a nice day Smile
MaAlet, proud to be a member of Leefish since Feb 2011.

#2 24-02-2011 
Hi there - welcome to LeeFish. Aww, that is kind of Nonni to say we are friendly. We try. Its pretty quiet here, so if you want to make some suggestions on livening the place up feel free ...... Smile
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#3 24-02-2011 
Hi, Alet! Smile
Just keep swimming...

#4 24-02-2011 
Oh yea - also, also....

Do you have any links to items you have made? we like to snoop at people's stuff (well I do......)
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#5 24-02-2011 
Hi Alet, and welcome.

Btw: I concur with Leefish; we like to snoop around Wink

#6 24-02-2011 
Alet!! So happy you are here. Thank you so much. I know Levini will also be happy to see you here.

#7 24-02-2011 
ALET!!! Big Grin .... Nnonnni ... howd ya know id like alet here

#8 25-02-2011 
Here a couple of my favorite things that Alet has made:

Mini Trampoline (http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/1334-...ampoline/)

and Therapy Ball Chair (http://www.simsafe2.com/files/file/1205-...loha-kay/)

She is mostly behind the scenes person and helps me make my simming dreams come true with her innovations, like Michelle does with her recolors and graphics. I still don't know how I came to have such wonderful friends.

#9 25-02-2011 
Those are very cool items indeed. Animations are hard to do I know, so I am most impressed - especially by the trampoline.
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#10 25-02-2011 
Hi Alet, you are doing better than I am; I have been too lazy to introduce myself. Nonni didn't even know I was a member here.
You can find more of my work at Mod The Sims and Plumb Bob Keep.


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