Alien Impregnator "Sex" Choice?
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(27-02-2011 02:26 AM)BoilingOil Wrote:  * BoilingOil starts to cry...

Oh dang! I'm so immensely screwed right now... There's no way to test a PT's gender at all! In the Sim Descriptions, they all report as male unknowns! This whole idea is never going to work, I'm afraid! DANG!!!

* BoilingOil hides in a dark corner and cries uncontrollably...

Don't feel bad! It wasn't you who wrote such mucked-up code in the first place! (These are the same idiots who flag the Grim Reaper as female & the hula dancer as male, remember!)

Since I know zero about coding, this next question is likely ludicrous but what about a way to set PT reorganization "by hand" (end user)? So like, if I was using a multi PT mod that used (for example) Frank, Ralph, Dirk & Zeeke as males & Fiona, Lola, Bianca & Vicki as females, maybe a way to hand-code Ralph & the guys as the choice to follow if the "male" gender is used & Fiona & the gals to be used if the "female" gender is used?

So the mod could say "if XYZ thing happens" (say a "male" PT is called for) "then choose from A, B, C or D" (those being the names of the male PTs) with the end user having to enter the names/whatever for the "male" PTs themselves?

Or something like that?

(Remember, I know squat about coding! I'm just "thinking out load" here...)

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.... OH NO .... (/me has been bitten ) nooooooooooo
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@Zirconia Wolf: I see your point, hon. There's one problem, though...

In code, all sims are referred to by either the 'person instance ID' or the 'neighbor ID', depending on whatever ludicrous arbitrary decision the Maxoids made to determine which would be easier for the specific task at hand. For these types, the 'person instance ID' doesn't exist, so they're always referred to by 'neighbor ID' (nID). However, the neighbor ID of each PT will differ per hood, depending on how many sims were defined before the PTs were added, making it impossible to hard-code which number belongs to which PT.
And to top it all off, the routine that selects the PT - named 'Get Alien Dad - NID' - , refers to them by GUID, which is yet another, seemingly unrelated, arbitrary value.

The only way around the whole issue, would be to ALSO rewrite that last routine, so it'll include a gender flag with its output, depending on the GUID. However, that would mean FORCING people to use a multi-PT mod, which I prefer not to do. I don't wanna be Pescado, no matter what wonderful things he may have done.

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oooh he did that ? anyhooo whooo is he ???

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Oh, dear, dear BO. I must get Shell over here to huggle you also.

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@BO: Thanks for the explanation! (Things were so much simpler in the days of the C64 & the simple "if Y then go to 4" days I was more familiar with!)

So, once again a great idea is thwarted by the "masters" who wrote the original code. (They were even PAID for doing it. Doesn't that take the proverbial cake?) I think we need Sims made of all the EAxis coders, so that every time somebody uncovers another dumb-ass thing they did we can get revenge by subjecting their "alter egos" to some serious AE quality time!

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Ah well.
I'll just stick to altering IDs by hand after impregnation. No biggie!

@levini: Glad to see you found the wolf smileys: I love that site!

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As to "Pescado", he's the head cheese over at MATY (More Awesome Than You) & while he has produced a lot of pretty niffty mods (like the indispensable "BatBox" Debugger tool) he is also known for deliberately sneaking undocumented features into many of his offerings, as well as being the single nastiest Sim modder you will ever likely meet. Any request for help with one of his mods (many of which are NOT as wonderfully coded as he claims them to be) is instantly met with hostility & ridicule by either Pesy himself or one of the hoards of worshipers he's managed to collect.

If you want to check his stuff out, the link to the download archives is here:

Pick your latest EP & see what strikes your fancy.

If for some sick reason you want to go to his forum the link is here:

I highly advise a "look but don't post" approach! (There are several things available only by searching the forums...but if you run into trouble & decide to post for help, you're on your own!
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Yea, Lev - be advised. You start posting on there in a non serious way then they will just hound you. Ask Shouty-vole - aka Claeric. He can't post "Good Morning" now without being ridiculed.
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lol .... ok .... Ive seen him before ... in MTS chat ... he stayed quiet ... good thing I didnt do anything stupid

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@ZW: Is there already a tool somewhere to change the "father" in-game after impregnation? If not, I might have to create something, if I can... Dang, that would help!

I'm suddenly thinking, I need to pull TJ's SimBlender apart. And perhaps, I should also grind the Tombstone of L&D to dust. Although I don't really expect a miracle, there still might be clues in there to help me find some kind of work-around.

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yeah ... BO ... what about insim? isnt that best for stuff ?
i would daresay to rip apart these items
Tombstone of L&D
and possibly the multi PT mod


Sorry, that is a members only option