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sims2 #1
This is for BoilingOil.
3 Recolours of the Windows, Doors, Arches, Column and Fences.
Many thanks to Kate from Parsimonious. Meshes not included.

ETA: As Kate's new site is not fully functioning at the moment I am temporarily including the MESHES, as soon as the build items have been added to Parsimonious I will remove the MESHES and fix the link.

[Image: thumb640x480]
Red - Green - Brown

I have all EP's, SP's and the CEP.

Enjoy, have fun!
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Let me know if you find anything wrong with any of my work, so I do not make the same mistake in the future.

Constructive criticism and feedback are always welcome.
  • I do recolours and design my lots for pleasure, not for profit.
  • Feel free to use my recolours and include them in your lots, uploaded to free sites only.
  • However, remember to check the original creator's policies and always link to the originals.
DO NOT re-upload to pay sites or the exchange and DO NOT claim any of my work as your own.

I reserve the right to change this policy, at any time, without notification.

~Take care and stay safe.

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#13 14-03-2012
Very nice recolors Michelle, thank you!

#14 23-07-2016
i don't know i come late to downloading cc and some of the sites are not there anymore however maybe 2 separate downloads might work but then again i am new to downloading cc

#15 25-07-2016
@mslott369 - I have added the meshes.


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