Randomness about smilies and Pics
#21 01-03-2011 
* leefish waves fins in horror

But but - I like the small discreet smilies we have - are all in the same style and look pretty......

OK. Users wishes are important too....

Lets see the smilies.
The site don't jive? PRESS F5 Flower

#22 01-03-2011 
my smilies - no share

OK, I will share

no, no, no, no, NO!

yes - no - yes

OK 1 for now *whimpers, my precious, is my precious*

[Image: fish3.gif]

Shell is in my head, "Nonni, give Lee the smilies."

Nonni sobbing hands over another smiley:

[Image: fish4.gif]


Sorry, that is a members only option