I was working on the arches to match the doors I recently uploaded - and started taking pics in game. I like this one, though perhaps the floor tiling is a little too subtle a way to show the arch sizes.

Added another pic - same room, different colours, different arches

Rather Grand Screenshot Rather Grand Screenshot          
#2 02-03-2011
actually i can tell its 3 tiles Lee Big Grin the floor isnt too subtle ...

#3 02-03-2011
Oh, dagnabbit! I just finished packaging a lot the desperately needed these. Maybe next lot, yes, definitely the next lot. The maxis colors just keep missing the mark. This site is turning me into a fish-a-holic. [Image: fish3.gif]

#4 02-03-2011
Yea, good point _ I should give the link for those colours in the MTS post (those are going on MTS - hence the leesester name, but BO's doors are ONLY here)

Here they are again http://aquilegia.dreamwidth.org/16768.html

(Those are the ones I linked in the Doors post, and if it wasn't for Shell asking about recolours I would have forgotten all about them - so thanks Shell )


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