Over on MTS I have my name on the "creators who take requests list" and I got a request to make a couple of Maxis match items....well a few more than a couple actually. Sleepy

So I thought, hmm I shall have a go.

Time to make door: 20 minutes....

Time to take pictures: 90 minutes.

I might have a go at a medieval game - it looks fun Smile

Lots of cc in this pic - the tall thin door at the back is the daniel door. The big door from the uni EP is called the Daniel the LionHearted - as this one is very thin I may call it the Daniel Spindleshanks door.

The Doors are available for download here >> Daniel Doors and Arches

Daniel's Door Screenshot Daniel's Door Screenshot Daniel's Door Screenshot        
#2 05-03-2011
I want this door [Image: please.gif], I was searching for a single Daniel Door a couple of week ago.

Quote:Time to take pictures: 90 minutes.
I know how that is I have 7 lots ready to upload, apart from pictures.

#3 05-03-2011
Actually, I have thought of a name for it. I shall call it the Daniel the Half-Hearted Door Smile

#4 05-03-2011
Quote:Daniel the Half-Hearted Door
Love it! Rofl


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