Base Game Desks
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Its all ok.

Think of it like this:

The mesh groups (the GMDC) have a name. That name gets used in 4 places -

The GMDC (thats where the mesh is imported to), the GMND two times ( tsMaterialsMeshName, the tsDesignmodeEnabled) , and the SHPE (shape).

In the GMDC the names we give to the parts is important as these need to match the names of the target game object.

When we do repository we kid the game into thinking that it is looking at another object, and we point all the shape and tsMaterialMeshNames to the real game object, and in our mesh we give it the same names as that game object. The game is fooled and uses those textures in our repository object.

The tsMaterialsMeshName points to the game object (this is where we fool the game). The Game looks at the tsMaterialsMeshName and sees the cres name of the target object. It knows that that the target object has more materials and goes and checks in the shape that the default material is correct.

Its nice to be able to change colours of an item, so in tsDesignmodeEnabled we put the names of the subset we want to have recolourable.

The Shape holds the default material - the wood of the desk, the wall shadows etc.
So, in the shape we define the material for the item - we link it to the game object we are taking the materials from - so if the original object has a subset called WOOD, and a material called wood_darkpink_waaahhh then we put that there.

Then you change the guids, and POW - desk. Have a go, test in game, if it doesnt work post it here as an attachment and I will look at it.
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okay ... i should be able to work it ...

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Yes, you can do it - and no worrying - if it does not work - post it here, then I will look at it Smile
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kay ...

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You can do it Jim,
Go Jim Go!
Jim Jim Jim - Oye Oye Oye!
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Gotta say Lev, if we can get this done and you can understand how this works - you will have so much FUN making things in the future. Everything looks pretty cos its Maxis textures. Its really great. Smile
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I can attest to that! Once you've successfully made one or two things - be they mods or objects, clothing or hair - and find them work well in your own game, you'll want to do more, more, more!!!! And the praise and thanks you get from like minded simmers DL-ing your stuff... It's not required, but it surehelps! Tongue

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I need to learn how to do fancy stuff like that someday- want MOAR stickers on MTS

#19 15-03-2011 
Well, I recommend getting Milkshape if you want to learn TS2 from me. Blender is not my forte - you would need Cmo for that
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i use Wings3D Lee ... sparks can start with that ... is simple to use ...


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