Base Game Desks
#21 15-03-2011 
I don't Lev - so if she wanted to learn from ME - I could not help her.
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#22 16-03-2011 
Jim Heart. If wings3D is so easy to use, how come you have not told me about it and taught me how to use it? Would I really be that bad at it?
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#23 16-03-2011 
So how is this desk going Lev?

I thought this would be a nice starter project. But if you don't want to do it - say so. Then I will do em myself (all base game desks would take me like half a day).
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#24 16-03-2011 
sorry ive been dealing with crapola from SimPE ... it keeps popping up weird errors saying stuff about some PJSE file table thingy ... also i have a small question ... do i use the template you gave me ???

#25 16-03-2011 
lev - lets do a project recap. Smile

make flipped versions of the base game desks

Lee to flip a desk and add some slots, so its sexy. (done)
Lee to share that flipped desk with Levini. (done)
Desk mesh also to be flipped (Shell/Dal). (one is done by Lee)
Levini to CLONE that flipped template and import flipped desk mesh. (To do)
Levini to repo the desk textures. (to do)
Levini to add new guids and BAM - new desk. (to do)

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#26 16-03-2011 
ok ... I got the first one done ... and You're right Lee Repo is fun!!! Big Grin its hard but fun to do ... im scared to test it ...

EDIT:Actually I am testing it right now ..... ill edit this for resultant of my testing
EDIT EDIT: Im a fail Sad i cant get it to recolor ... waaaaaaaaaahhhh ... /Hits self with a fish fishslap

#27 16-03-2011 
Is it showing in game with the good texture and the slots in the right place? If so pat yourself on the back Smile

For the recolours - CHECK the tsDesignmodeEnabled in the GMND. That should be set to the same names as the subsets in the GMDC (the mesh)

If that does not work post the package.
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#28 16-03-2011 
It shows up good with textures ... the slots IDK ... how many should it have ??? i put three things on it ... computer, lamp and deco .... i didnt test the Homework slots ... or how the chair works with it ... i just tested its recolorability ... ill try that .... and if it dont work ill post it

#29 16-03-2011 
Usually, TS2 desks all have two slots. So, to keep things compatible, I'd say the mirrored desks should also have at least those two. But I wouldn't mind 3 or 4, either.

#30 16-03-2011 
Well, on these they are like the ones on MTS. The slots are already in, and the homework etc works fine.

There is ONE slot for the homework/computer, the other side has three slots.

All this is already in the clone and tested by me. Lev's bit is to swap in the meshes and repo it.
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